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AiRTouch is a compact portable x-ray machine that allows the operator to take high-quality x-ray images. It can acquire images and wirelessly transmit to PACS via the onboard workstation.


  • X-ray generator
  • X-ray tube
  • Built-in PC workstation
  • TeamViewer for remote support
  • 2 Wi-Fi Cards
  • 2 USB drives
  • Modern battery technology
  • Bluetooth compatible
Device Applications
  • State & federal screening centers (Covid-19) 
  • Ambulances 
  • Nursing homes 
  • Medical clinics 
  • Orthopedic clinics  
  • Urgent care 
  • Mobile imaging 
  • Extremity imaging  
  • Sports medicine 
Dental Imaging
  • Implants 
  •  Endodontic treatment 
  •  Post-surgery / follow-up 
Veterinary Imaging
  • Small animals 
  • Equine 
  • Veterinary dental 
The Benefits of AirTouch
  • Wireless and compact design requires minimal space and accommodations 
  • Minimize radiation to patient and operator with lowest possible dose 
  • Maximize day-to-day efficiency with industry-leading battery performance  
  • Begin operation immediately with seamlessly integrated software solution and built-in workstation
Product Features
  • All-In-One PC
    • INTEL PC integrated into the device
    • Pre-Loaded Aspenstate DR Software
    • Direct image Transfer to Storage Medium (PACS, Email, Printer, etc.)
  • Remote Diagnostics
    • Pre-Loaded Remote Assistance Software (TeamViewer)
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • 2 USB ports
  • Laser Light for Precise Alignment
  • Technique:
    • Fixed: 60 kV 2mA
    • 0.03 ~ 1.30 Seconds Available (Selectable by Operator)
  • X-ray Source:
    • Toshiba D-081B
    • 0.8mm Focal Spot
  • Rechargeable and Replaceable Battery
    • Two Hours to Full Charge
    • Full Charge Lasts One Week (300 Exposures at 0.15 Seconds)
    • Simple, Easy-Access Battery Compartment
  • CB test certified
  • Hand Strap for Enhanced Operator Comfort
  • Optional Tri-pod Stand
AiRTouch vs Wall Mount


Wall Mount X-ray Machine

Battery powered system that is long-lasting and rechargeable. Requires a direct power source 
All-in-one solution that can acquire, display and transmit images.  Requires a dedicated laptop or desktop to acquire, receive and transmit x-ray images 
No installation or additional equipment required.  Requires additional equipment: 
Special cabinetry, wiring and reinforced walls
Portable and compact design allows for diverse and mobile use  Is permanently fixed to a wall, and can’t accommodate remote patients
Internal shield design keeps operator safe from exposure.   Operator must leave the room during the X-ray – requiring a shielded control area for protection 
Can serve multiple operating rooms in one practice.  Serves one dedicated x-ray imaging room 
Product Safety

50mSv – Occupational dose limit

5mSv – Occupational dose limit requiring dosimetry
3.65mSv – Average natural background – US
2.19mSv – Average occupational radiation exposure to flight crew
1.0mSv – General public dose limit
0.16-0.37 mSv – Conventional dental x-ray range
0.04mSv – EZER average range, when paired with
our digital sensor (sold separately)