801 Jupiter Rd Suite 200, Plano, TX 75074, USA.


Robust digital floor mount radiographic x-ray room built for high volume
patient throughput, manufactured with hospital grade components,
assembled and pre-staged at our ISO 13485 facility in Plano, Texas.

The aspenFDR’s modern design & compact size allows for installation at smaller imaging facilities, or sites looking to maximize space — allowing sites to operate a fully featured digital floor mount room, without any additional bulk that takes up unnecessary space.

  • Hospital grade: Rugged and stiff design to withstand high patient activity for 10+ years of operation
  • Modern Design: Cost and Space saving technology to maximize your dollars and square footage
  • Technologist Friendly: Effortless repositioning of the table, tube stand, and wall stand, complemented with powerful magnetic locks ensuring a smooth and safe experience for any technologist using the equipment
    • Auto-tracking: motorized horizontal (SID to table) and vertical (wall stand) detector tracking, saving the technologist time and effort needed for manual adjustments
  • High Frequency X-ray Generator: X-ray generator provided by the market leading CPI, with an install base of over 60,000 x-ray generators since 1987
Wall stand
  • Extremely rigid, durable wall stand
  • Full receptor movement to the floor
  • Counter balanced unit with electromagnetic brakes, for simple, one-hand operation
  • Overhead handgrips
  • Prepared for a 17×17 flat panel detector
Tube stand
  • A conveniently placed all-lock release sensor is located on the tube head handle, allowing the operator to simple grab the handle and unlock the system, to make effortless adjustments
  • Display with bright LCD screen on the tube housing, displaying SID and angle of tube rotation
    • Service engineer calibration mode built into the display, offering simplicity when installing the unit
  • 7 Ft. column height: one of the most compact in the industry
4-way table
  • Heavy duty, 650 lb table
  • Sleek, modern & compact design measuring 87” x 31”
  • Kick switch for Float Adjustment
  • Comfortable table-side handle for simplified removing of the detector tray
  • Accommodating to all grid, AEC chamber and flat panel detector sizes
Optional Products
Automatic Exposure Control (AEC):
  • Aspenstate proudly works closely with Claymount (A division of Varex Imaging) for all our AEC chamber requirements
  • 3-Field AEC Chamber
  • kV Range 40~150KW
  • Exposure Time Range <1ms~5s
  • Weight 950g
Energy Assist:
  • Stored-Energy x-ray generator for clients that have less than optimal power at their building
  • Single Phase 15Amp 100-240 VAC +/- 10%
  • Advanced Capacitive Discharge operation to maximize energy usage and extend mAs techniques
  • Power Factor Correction for fast and efficient recharging of energy storage capacitors
Elevating table:
  • Hospital grade, 550 lb elevating table with quiet motor drive
  • Tabletop Travel Range, Longitudinal ±41cm (±16.1in)
  • Tabletop Travel Range, Transverse ±11cm (±4.3in)
  • Detector Travel Range, 42cm(16.5in)
  • Elevating table Options:
    • motorized tracking of the detector by the tube
    • motorized vertical and horizontal detector tracking
  • Auto tracking: Table bucky tracks the x-ray tube position as the operator repositions it for the patient
  • Can be synchronized with most DR auto-stitching features (please contact your Aspenstate representative for details)
Floor Mounted Tube Stand
Display Color LCD screen on the tube housing displaying SID (Source-image distance) measurement and the angle of tube rotation
Longitudinal Travel: Manual with electromagnetic braking
Tube Rotation ±135°
Tube arm slide movement ±12cm(±4.7in.)
Column Rotation ±90°
Column Travel Range 254cm(100in)
Power Requirement 24VDC, 3A
4-Way patient table
Tabletop Dimensions 220 X 80cm (86.6 x 31.4 in)
Tabletop longitudinal Travel Range ±41cm(±16.1in)
Tabletop transverse Travel Range ±11cm(±4.3in)
Detector Travel 42cm(16.5in)
Maximum Patient Weight 300kg(650Ib)
Power Requirement 3 Amps @120~240VAC, 50/60HZ
OPTIONAL 6-Way patient table:
Tabletop Dimensions 220 X 80cm (86.6 x 31.4 in)
Tabletop longitudinal Travel Range ±45cm(±17.71 in)
Tabletop transverse Travel Range ±11cm(±4.3in)
Elevation 51.5cm – 81.5cm (20.27 in – 32.1 in)
Detector Travel 42cm(16.5in)
Maximum Patient Weight 250kg(550Ib)
Power Requirement 3 Amps @120~240VAC, 50/60HZ
System Dimensions