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ASPENSTATE introduces the most advanced, highest powered portable x-ray units available. These portable x-ray machines are easy-to-use, compact, light, durable, and produce digital images with the highest quality

ASPENSTATE portable x-ray equipment is specifically designed for all equine/large animal, companion, exotic and small animal practices. Choose which unit will best suit your veterinary practice needs and then complete your radiography system with one of our advanced DR Flat Panel packages.

  • 14×17 or 10×12 Wireless FPD, Portable X Ray System and Portable Tablet/Laptop provide true wireless solution for your outdoor studies.
  • The Direct communication between FPD and Tablet/Laptop allows you real time image transfer without any extra router.
Max output power 2.4kW 3.2kW
Input power 100~120 / 200~240VAC 200~240VAC
(50Hz/60Hz) (50Hz/60Hz)
Inverter Frequency Inverter 102KHz 88KHz
Filament 40KHz 40KHz
KV range 40KV~100KV(1KV STEP) 40KV~100KV(1KV STEP)
mAs range 0.32mAs~100mAs 0.32mAs~100mAs
X-ray tube Manufacturer TOSHIBA TOSHIBA
Model No. D-125SB D-205BS
Focal spot 1.2mm 2.0mm
Target Angle 16° 20°
Anode heat storage capacity 35KJ 28KJ
Maximum anode cooling rate 250W 265W
Laser point Peak wavelength 650nm 650nm
Optical power <1mV <1mV
Lamp(LED) More than 100 lux More than 100 lux
Filtration total Al. equiv. 2mm Al. equiv. 2mm
Weight Net 12.7 kg 13.5 kg
Gross 21.1 kg 21.8 kg
Packing Dimension 65 x 40x 35cm 65 x 40 x 35cm